Seeking Tutoring Services

Need higher grades? Want stronger lesson comprehension? Having difficulty with your course’s slow pace? Whichever your case may be, know that it is admirable to seek out extra support as you attempt to progress academically. One benefit of AHCS Tutoring is that our services consider the full circumstance of your development. We do our best to understand and tailor to your personal learning style. Another benefit is that we consider your growth, which can be a relief for those of us with catching up to do. With us, you’ll have a compassionate, process-driven tutor that will walk with you each step of the way. Get ready to be challenged – we elevate our students to the next level. Let us serve you! Contact us today for scheduling and pricing.


Elementary/Secondary Subjects

Language Arts (English, Writing, Reading, Oratory)

Social Studies (History, Government, Economics)

Science (Biology, Chemistry)

Mathematics (Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigenometry, Calculus)


*Additional subjects / content areas available upon request


College Preparatory

Standardized Testing Preparation

Essays: Scholarship and Entrance

College Selection Advising

Major Advising

Extra Curriculuar and Culture Planning

Subject-area Tutoring

*Additional subjects available upon request


Continuing Education

GED Prep

GRE Prep

Test-taking Strategies