Test Your Best

These tips will keep you testing at your best:


  • Listen for key words or phrases that signal content that may be on the test
    • Keep a reference sheet at the ready for the test.
  • Get questions answered sooner rather than later to keep pace with the course content.


  • Study your best
  • Get enough rest the week of the test. Your brain will process study materials more efficiently.
  • Use a study guide or any materials to expose you to the test’s structure
    • create your own study guide of content that you will emphasize in your study

During the Test

  • Manage your time
  • Work out of order: tackle big-point sections first, skip harder questions until the end
  • Preview test questions and skim reading passages for answers

Post test:

  • review answers with a friend
  • seek out tutoring support from AHCS! 🙂


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